About Fantastic English

"通うようになってからリスニング力がつき、英語でのやり取りに慣れました。好きな洋楽を使ったレッスンをしてくれたりもします。 何より先生が二人共優しくて明るい方なので毎週行くのが楽しみです。通い始めて英語が大好きになりました。イベントや季節に合わせて変わるデコレーションも好きです。"


下の子は日常会話の中にも時々“I don’t know.”や“Hello”などのフレーズが出てくるようになって、子供の吸収力はすごいと思います。"




You can speak Fantastic English.

(Yes, you can!)

Learning English should be a fun adventure, not like studying a school subject but more like practicing a life skill.

At Fantastic English our students are taught how to express themselves in English and then inspired to use “their” English in the classroom, and at the school.

We use textbooks, videos, songs, and challenging games to teach and practice English. We give the students the skills they need to express, in English, confusion, joy, pride, wants, likes, disappointments, etc. so they can always express themselves using their new language. Of course some situations require a bit of Japanese to help a student feel comfortable or understand something. We have our English speaking Japanese teacher to help the student through those times. But we find that most students eventually find ways to say what they want using English, learning better ways of express their feelings over time through experience and practice. And nothing makes you more comfortable when learning a new language as the realization that you are really understanding and using your new language confidently.

Courses –

We teach all ages and levels with various goals. For most of our students and all of our parents, test scores are very important. For most of our students learning English is also about giving them more opportunities in the future, in school, work and life. Some of our adult students study for work, or to travel, or to watch their favorite TV shows in English, while others are interested in doing well on the TOEIC test. Whatever your reason for starting or continuing to learn English, we can help you reach your goals

Our Suggestions –

BB cards class – This is a warm up class that gives our younger students another opportunity to learn English without realizing they are learning English. The BB Cards are little one-sentence stories that expose the students to different grammatical structures in a fun and memorable way. Used correctly, the games played with these cards can help kids understand how English works, how it is different from Japanese as well as help them to remember English phrases more thoroughly. These phrases are remembered by students years after they have stopped playing the games. There is also “Game English” used during the game, such as “It`s my turn.” “All Right!!” “I win.”

Conversation days – Come in and take part in a guided conversation about a specific topic. Practice discussing topics that interest you and contain useful English, with a teacher and other students interested in talking about that topic. Topics include, but are not limited to; School life, Work, Movies, Music, Food, Travel, Jobs, Family, Sapporo, Japanese Culture and more.

Our (growing) – free – library – Books /videos – Take a book or video from our library. It`s a great way to get your daily dose of English to keep it fresh in your mind during the week.

*We are always accepting English books / videos for our library. If you or someone you know has some English books or videos that are not being used, please consider donating them so that our students, of all ages, can get the same joy from them that you did.

You can speak Fantastic English.