Thank you for your custom…

I received this note from a company the other day and thought the English was interesting.
Many thanks for your order. We’ve attached a PDF file with your order details. Please take a look and if there are any problems, please let us know straight away.

Your order is now being processed and should be with you in 7 working days from the time of your order. If there is a problem with your order that might delay your books getting to you, we will be in touch.

 Thanks for your custom!

Straight away (British English) – right away (American English) – as soon as possible. (ASAP)

Thanks for your custom is British English and where we get the term customer for people who shop at a store.  They give their custom to the store.  They exchange money for goods (as I understand it).

We will be in touch.  We will contact you (Via phone, e-mail etc.)  There are many “touch” idioms, such as – after college you hope to stay in touch or keep in touch with your classmates.  You might ask a friend to put you in touch with someone who can do a job for you. And a very popular tv ad for a long distant phone company (before e-mail and the internet) was “Come on, pick up the phone. Reach out and touch someone.”