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Do you wish you could watch English TV shows without relying on sub-titles?

Do you wish you could understand conversations when more than one person is talking at the same time?  Do you want to understand the idioms and cultural references native speakers use in their every day English?
Learning English is not JUST about studying English.  The more you hear, the more you learn and remember. You have to “hang out” with English to become a good English speaker.

TV programs are GREAT for;


1 – developing listening skills


2 – learning new vocabulary


3 – learning natural pronunciation


4 – leaning new idioms, expressions and slang

(Many episodes have more than 20 idioms and slang terms in them, PLUS regular NEW vocabulary.)


5 – learning about the culture of English speaking people


Short Programs are easy to watch –

We use popular English language sitcoms (situational comedies) to explore natural English conversations, idioms, pronunciation and vocabulary.  One of the best things about these shows is, they are only 22 minutes long.  Do you have 22 minutes you can spend on English every day? How about on the train, or while you are eating a meal?


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Reviewing past lessons is EASY –

Another great thing about using TV shows is that it is so easy to review past lessons.   After you have moved on to new episodes, you can just pop in a previous episode to “review” the things you learned before. We suggest that students pick one day a week to watch a past episodes for review.  It is an easy way to remember past material.

The shows are popular and entertaining. They make learning fun.  

You can do all of this and at the same time be entertained.  The shows we use are popular, funny, creative, touching, memorable, award winning TV shows.


Other TV shows / movies are easy after comedies.

Because some comedies can be fast-paced they raise your listening skill to a very high level.  All of our students have reported that watching non-comedies, such as dramas or action movies, are very easy after getting listing to a comedy TV show.


How do I get started?

Call us (English or 日本語) or CONTACT US for more information and a trial lesson. We can walk you through the process.  It is easy.

1) You and your teacher decided which TV program is best for you.

2) You can buy a dvd of the program or buy single episodes on the internet.  You can even watch some episodes on the internet for FREE.

3) We will provide you with a script (every word spoken in the show), a list of difficult words, expressions, idioms and their meanings.  You will have other questions of course, and we will explain whatever you do not understand during the lessons.  You can act out a scene to practice your new English.  You can talk about grammar, pronunciation and cultural references the characters use in the shows.

For example.

SCRUBS – Buy on Amazon .jp.

SCRUBS -Buy on iTunes.

SCRUBS – Watch for free online

SCRUBS – Watch for free on YOUTUBE


z.TV mom and kid watching

Only the best, most entertaining TV shows…

We use (award winning) American comedies so the cultural references, pronunciation, idioms will be based around American English. But most idioms, pronunciation and vocabulary are common to all English speaking peoples around the world. And the topics in the shows are usually common to all of us;  Our dreams, fears, relationships, friendships, careers, problems… all the things that people everywhere deal with in life.


What if I want to use a different show?

We are currently using SCRUBS and MODERN FAMILY with our students.  But there are many good shows out there that we can use to help you with your English.  Some have episodes FREE on the internet.  We can discuss what you are interested in and find the show that is right for you.  Although, everyone has enjoyed Scrubs and Modern family, two of the best TV shows ever on TV!


Scrubs is an American comedy-drama series. It has been nominated for a 70 different awards with 19 wins, including 17 nominations for Emmy Awards with two wins.  Scrubs has also won the Peabody Award, the television industry’s most competitive honor.


Modern Family is an American comedy series which debuted on September 23, 2009.  It has been nominated for 57 Emmy Award nominations (18 wins) as well as many other awards.  It has won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series four times (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013).  It has also won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor/Actress in a Comedy Series five times.  It also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series.  Modern Family has also won the Peabody Award, the television industry’s most competitive honor.



According to Kaplan International

82% of people

reported using TV programs to help them learn English.

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